Parenting is one of the hardest jobs on earth.

Empowering parents like you to feel more equipped and satisfied as a parent/caregiver is what our courses are all about. Take a two-day introductory workshop to kickstart your parenting confidence. Gain positive, mindful parenting skills on the eight-week course. Or tackle challenges individually with one-to-one sessions.

Two-day workshop

Survive ‘n’ Thrive

Searching for a compact, practical parenting course based on solid research that really works? Nurture Parenting Survive ‘n’ Thrive ticks all the boxes.

Run over a weekend, this two-day introductory workshop cleverly combines theory with practical, user-friendly tools designed to help expectant parents, parents, step-parents, grandparents, teachers or anyone involved in a nurturing role with children of all ages.

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What we’ll talk about

Introducing you to the nuts and bolts of attachment theory and what a secure parent/child relationship looks like, you’ll use a range of maps, models and practical tools to explore what’s called our Survive ‘n’ Thrive map. As you’ll find out, the Survive ‘n’ Thrive map – formed in your first 1,000 days of life – is instrumental in the formation of all the important attachment bonds between a nurturer and a child

While you won’t be expected to talk about your childhood specifically, you’ll have the opportunity to gain insight and understanding about how these early experineces of being nurtured influence our later experience of being a nurturer. This workshop will help you begin to recognise your nurturing strengths and struggles, what pushes your buttons and how you cope. Best of all? It helps you identify the potential for change

What to expect

Two days of captivating learning in a supportive environment, giving you effective, real life parenting tools. This workshop is a stand alone introductory course and also a prerequisite for people wanting to go on and do the eight-week ‘Creating Security’ course.

Eight-week course

Creating Security

Join a small group of like-minded parents and caregivers to build on your knowledge of secure attachment and take the parenting tools you learned in the two-day workshop to a whole new level.

Creating Security is for everyone who has completed the Survive ‘n’ Thrive two-day workshop. This dynamic 1.5 hour evening course takes place once a week over eight weeks.

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Supported and encouraged you’ll continue to put into practice the theory and tools presented in the introductory workshop. Plus, you’ll complete the ‘Circle of Security Parenting’ programme. This internationally renowned programme has been taught to parents and caregivers for over 30 years, with outstanding results.

On this course, you’ll grow your capacity to parent and nurture children more mindfully and confidently. You’ll feel more secure in yourself as a parent/caregiver and create security in your relationships with the children you care for.

What to expect

Eight weekly sessions lasting 1.5 hours. Small group sizes and plenty of workable, hard boiled, ready to use parenting tools to take home, try out and reflect on.

Mindful parenting that really works. Talk to Nichola now.

Individual sessions

Work through the specifics face-to-face.

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Prefer the privacy of face-to-face sessions?

Nichola has drawn on her extensive experience as a psychotherapist to design a programme exclusively tailored for individuals or couples. This option involves weekly meetings with Nichola and is designed either to replace the Survive ’n’ Thrive group workshop or to complement and support it.

…..bump, bump, bump,

on the back of his head,
behind Christopher Robin.
It is, as far as he knows, the only way of coming downstairs,
but sometimes he feels that there really is another way,
if only he could stop bumping for a moment and think of it…

(AA Milne excerpt from Winnie the Pooh)