What is

Nurture Parenting?

It’s not rocket science. There’s no secret formula or magic potion.

Nurture Parenting believes we as caregivers and parents already have in us everything our children need – no matter what age they are.

We are innately hardwired to want the best for our kids, to protect and care for them.

Sometimes though – maybe more often than we like – we lose our way, get triggered, react, feel stuck or overwhelmed. Nurture Parenting is about providing parents and nurturers with the self-awareness, information and tools they need to get back on track and stay on track longer.

Nurture Parenting creator Nichola Beamish is a registered psychotherapist, teacher and Circle of Security Parent Facilitator. She offers regular workshops and courses designed to provide participants with a down-to-earth understanding of attachment theory* and a range of practical parenting tools.

These tools will support you in developing a more secure child/nurturer relationship and give you the opportunity to make sense of your own unique attachment and nurturing story. This will help you recognise the parenting patterns you’ve inherited and how they shape the way you parent your own children.

Grounded in decades of attachment research, neuroscience and the proven ‘Circle of Security’ approach, Nurture Parenting equips you to feel more confident and satisfied in your ability to be the ‘good enough’ parent or caregiver you always intended.

Is Nurture Parenting the right fit for you?

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Workshop OutlinesWorkshop Outlines

Attachment theory, formulated by John Bowlby in the 1950’s, explores the extraordinary emotional connection between a primary caregiver and their child.

Years of research demonstrates a ‘secure attachment’ provides a child with a deep, abiding confidence of the availability and responsiveness of their parent or primary caregiver. Children who develop a secure attachment are “most likely to grow into thoughtful, reflective, emotionally and socially intelligent, resilient individuals who thrive.” (Raising a Secure Child, Hoffman, Cooper & Powell 2017)

Nurture Parenting Workshops

Explore Nurture Parenting course outlines.


Recognise your triggers, change your reactions and get practical, no-nonsense parenting help that works.

Nichola offers workshops, courses and individual counselling where you can learn about secure attachment, learn to recognise your own patterns  and the impact these have not only on the relationship you have with children but on all relationships

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About Nichola

Facilitator & creator of Nurture Parenting workshops.

A primary trained teacher, Nichola was also the first educator for the Western Bay of Plenty Life Education Trust. After starting her own family, she trained as a counsellor and psychotherapist through the Institute of Psychosynthesis.

In private practice for more than 10 years, Nichola’s work has been strongly influenced by attachment theory and the impact these early, nurturing relationships have on our entire lives and every relationship we have.

As mother, teacher and psychotherapist, she’s experienced first hand the powerful and positive changes that can happen as a result of knowing about attachment and making sense of our attachment story.

In developing Nurture Parenting and training as a Circle of Security parent facilitator, Nichola combines her experience and passion hoping to empower parents/caregivers and the children they nurture to thrive. Find out more about Nurture Parenting workshops.

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